A Window to Winter

Time is frozen, with winds of winter, silent, solitary.
Winter finds her way into me, like a bird in her eyrie.
Cooling my blood, curling my bones, she caresses my skin,
Hugs me, kisses me, shares my glance, I lose to her win.

A passage of the past, I walk within, cursed to crawl,
Stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck in a swamp, I fight, but I fall.
I wander the life following, false phantasms unbeknown,
Lost, lost, lost, in lone luxuries, living what I bemoan.

A window I use to look outside, sky cursed with clouds grey,
A window to the world blue, freezing cold, like night like day.
The window whispers in wind and snow, solitary I shiver,
My mirage of desperate desires, despondent it does mirror.

I talked to the window once, for no friends I had,
Ah! from the other side, I heard a voice, I felt she was sad.
With some rain, snow, chill wind, dried leaves,
Longing for little love, she cried her griefs.

Her bullying, her harassment, her assaulted tore soul
Beaten, broken, used, abused, I helped her console.
Our tears, our sobs, our painful memories and our hurt,
Wounded, scarred, cursed, marred, we’re now introvert.

For us, this world, all these people, are just desert,
They pick on weak, they mute the meek, all are dirt.
Winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to autumn,
Life revolves in dusk and dawn, some top some bottom.

Sky grim with gloom, and murky memories of yore,
The meaninglessness of it all, lost in bygones, false galore.
In the quest for an escape, from myself, and smiles boughten,
Cathartic, I lose myself, I leave, I let myself be forgotten.