Ages of Solace

Ghosts of the past, followed me unto now, like myself,
Ruthless regrets on repeat, no remedial repatriations.
In an infinite loop of indefinite memories, was my self,
Blaming, framing charges, allegations, causations.

I pervaded the present with poisons of the past,
I grew up hating everyone and everything, I was a misfit.
I was the aim of abuses, the curses at me were cast,
Misaligned with society, helpless I cried, I was the culprit.

Emptiness of eternity, entered in my every essence,
Reaching for a route, a correct route, a route to right,
I raced and raced, reached into ruins, lost my sense,
My dreams of a desperate dawn doomed into night.

Ghosts of the past, danced on my drenching doom,
Wounds wailed, wept, within withering wishes weary.
Every success I sponsored was fulfilled by gloom,
Stuck in a swamp I searched for solace in life dreary.

Ah! but now, oh see! but now, I rise again, I do rise again!
Freedom from identities, freedom from glories, I rise again!
Freedom from relationships, from love of life, from heartbreaks,
Freedom from judgements, and expectations, whatever it takes.

In depths of the darkness, I follow, the shine of stars,
Beaten, broken, used, abused, I rise smiling at scars.
I meet myself, I can recognize, I’m nothing no more,
Nothingness is truth, there’s no later, and no yore.

Dazzle of a divine dawn, after long nights of snowstorm,
A ray of hope, presence of life, freedom liberated of form,
I breathe in the fragrance of a soothing sight of spring,
I let go of this existence, of myself, as life it does bring.