Dreams of Dawn

Dark deepens into myriad, a night to never wane,
Winds wail with winter, horizon howls thunderous rain,
I see the sea sweeps the shore, treads tides of infinity,
Liberated I dream of nothing, silent solitude of eternity.

The moments of mortality, those made my mirth,
The friends and families, fiction of death and birth,
I see the dark desolates my delusion, I’m all afresh,
Liberated I dream of nothing, neither soul nor flesh.

The desire for a beloved, the subject of sweet songs,
The desperation for embrace, healing touch, wild wrongs.
I see the winter washes my wishes, I’m all anew,
Liberated I dream of nothing, with no mirage in view.

The crimes committed, for the wise ways of living,
The sins served to spirit, those justified everything,
I see the skies save my soul, shower serene salvation,
Liberated I dream of nothing, neither life nor cremation.

Breathing in the aroma of rain, night does share
Gazing the magnificence, of thunders so rare,
Feeling the freshness of, ethereal cold breeze,
I sense nothing, I say nothing, liberated I cease.