From the Shores of Yore

Breeze braces my skin, shreds, smoothens, and moulds,
The winter washes my flesh, I feel at home in her folds.
Aroma of air accrue anamnesis, the past becomes present,
Ephemeral promises, desires, emotions, all that I resent.

I knocked at the wrong doors, all my life, unaware,
Crushed by the curses, I spent life, with little care.
Life asked for chastening charades, I couldn’t deliver,
With repressed memories, all my life, afeared I did quiver.

I loved the wrong people, a hopeless romantic,
Letting myself to be vulnerable, a mistake gigantic.
The ecstatic emotions of a relationship, days spent together,
Silent, scared, suicidal, I was alone in every weather.

I walked on the wrong ways, lost, an utter loser,
Allowing the abuses, as I was abused, I was the abuser.
The urges I gave into, to be liked by others,
With emptied emotions, I gave up my druthers.

I dreamt the delusive desires, defeated by doom,
Regretted every passing day, I lived in gloom.
A desperation drove me, an eternal longing, for unknown,
With helpless hopes, all my life, I hated every milestone.

Being solitary is a habit now, it feels familiar, it’s my only friend,
Feeling sad and accepting it as the truth, I don’t have to pretend.
Forlorn winter twilights with wailing austere winds are mine,
Sempiternal silence, deathless darkness, my life they define.