Songs of the Night

The night falls on the day, as two lovers hug,
The night cuddles me, as my code I debug.
Deepak, listen the melodies, of crepuscular stars,
Songs of empyreal, the verity of solitude of ours.

Melodies of memories, anamneses of auld lang syne,
Nostalgia of fallen glories, memoirs of life of mine.
Songs of life, of peace and wars, of love and plight.
Sings the night the dirge of death in the lap of twilight.

As a mother singing, lullaby to her beloved child,
As a nightingale reciting, pious poetry in the wild.
As the Divinity revealing wisdom to deluded devotee,
Sings the night her sacred chants in the dark to me.

The rules of the world, are a mirage I fail,
The destiny of despondent, for always I entail.
Insomniac I spend the night, limning it’s no end,
Awaiting the arrival ofโ€ฆ an unbeknownst friend.

Cosmos in the sky, curious, I watch and wonder,
Gentle breeze of night, delighted, I breathe under.
Being a seeker, being a seer, I listen every sound,
Sings the night elements of eternal truths profound.

Whispers of solitude, ecstatic echoes from distance,
Sings the night songs of divine glories and prudence.
Ecce homo this ephemeral existence, shall shrivel back into earth
Welcomes the night with her songs, the cessation of my birth.

The doomsday is definition of my destination
Dream of Demiurge, I surmise for my salvation.
Night sings to me the secret of all the twinkling stars
Night recites songs for the serenity of myriad scars.

Friends long gone, live in memory past limits of love,
Beloved long lost, breathes me beyond it does behove
Insomniac, I spend my nights, desiring a distant dawn,
Desperate for the dear death, eternity beyond aeon.