The Girl from Hangzhou

Who were you? A stranger! You called me a friend,
Trusting me with your wishes, fears, onset, and end.
Now lost I’m, in anonymity, I don’t belong to anyone,
For I’m you, discrete we’ve lost, together we’ve won.

Secrets of our life, which you did ponder upon,
Sermons you said, songs so sweet every morn,
Lost I am, I search for a dream, a dream I lost,
An eternity forlorn, a distance of an infinite cost.

Past I wasn’t a part of, mesmerized by memories,
Of you, or dreams that I did dream, your stories.
Lost I am, looking for you everywhere, in everyone
Sundered we survive, I’m the night, you’re the sun.

Anamnesis of winters, in your warm embrace,
Your voice was music, apricity was your grace.
Lost I am, withering is Earth, wailing is the sky,
Rivers are riving, dawns are dark, spring is dry.

Summer seasoned upon us, birds sang, life had hue,
With you, times beauteous, I was with you.
Lost I am, without your love, without your presence,
I yearn for yore, I miss you, for you are my essence.

Walks with you, talks with you, of love and life, happy and blue,
Eyes, smile, hair, your face! I was the viewer, you were the view.
Lost I am, like an eternity, I’m a poet, in search of a rhyme,
You’re my poetry, you’re my pride, only you every time.

Eternity stands still since eons, few shy words left on hesitant lips unsaid,
Last hug, promise to see again, insomniac, aphonic, we break this thread.
Lost I am, without my best friend, lost without you,
But I’ll find a way to let you go, for you are… who?