This is a list of some of my past and current projects. It does not include many very old projects that are not available anymore. The projects are categorized by their main focus area.

Machine Learning

  • mrduo - Training ML model with C4.5 Decision Tree algorithm in Hadoop MapReduce for parallel data processing. (Northeastern CS 6240)
  • CART Decision Tree - Decision Tree Classifier with Classification and Regression Tree algorithm for developing a Supervised Machine Learning model.


  • Path Planning - Implemented Sampling-Based motion planning algorithms - Rapid-exploring Random Tree and Probabilistic Roadmap - for Puma 560 robot to determine a path between a starting configuration of the robot and a goal configuration while avoiding collisions within a highly complex configuration space.

Full-Stack Development

  • Google Ground - Open Source 20% project at Google.
  • Mediabase - Movie Portal built in AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB (Northeastern CS 5610).
  • Plagiarism Detector Application - Architected and Implemented app to detect if the code is plagiarized within two Java code projects using Improved Plagiarism Detection Algorithm Based on Abstract Syntax Tree by G. Tao, D. Guowei, Q. Hu and C. Baojiang that calculates the hash value for each node of the abstract syntax tree of the programs and compares the hash values for each node.